This oil is a delicately balanced combination of two distinct species of olives: 70% “Moresca” and 30% “Verdese”. Its silky green colour, intense and soffisticated taste of freshly cut herbs, with just a slight scent of artichokes and green almonds, are what places it apart from the others. It is complex yet harmonious in content; bitter and spicy, yet, at the same time, it has a strong vegetal fragrance. Its extraction from drupes harvested just when the olives begin to darken allow for a full appreciation of its freshness. Try this oil raw on all kinds of fish, baked or grilled, and on vegetables “au gratin”.

ANTHEO® l’extravergine

is a wise blend of the more deeply rooted species in the territory, the “Moresca, “Verdese”, “Tonda Iblea” and “Biancolilla” and offers a product with particularly unique characteristics. First of all its colour, a clear gold, followed by its taste, intense with a light scent of green tomatoes, origano, mint and topped with balsamic herbs. It’s important to point out that its clearly detectable density and robustness are not strong enough to “cover” the taste of the food, on the contrary they enhance it. We recommend you try it on shelled fish, raw vegetables and grilled red meat.


on the other hand, distinguishes itself as being the only oil made from only one species, the “moresca”. This oil is the most traditional of the three since the tree is well rooted and has been present for centuries on the Iblean plateau. This is indeed reflected in its characteristics, a floral bouquet, spicy and bitter just to the right point, topped with just a hint of vegetables and wild flowers. One’s expectations are never let down. It’s recommended on all dishes, yet complements best fish and salads.

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